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Michael, Vietnam vet, finds himself in downtown New York where he gets scammed out of his wallet and ID by a pretend cop. Next thing he knows he's wanted for murdering some film director. However, he stumbles along from one random incident to the next trying to work out the nature of the conspiracy that he is inadvertently involved in. Turns out that the film people wanted some publicity but didn't expect the criminals they hired to obtain a corpse to create their own corpse. Or something.
Rubbish. Tedious characters, coincidences everywhere. I got to page 200 and started wondering if it was a comedy. Maybe it was. Roald Dahl rates him though, and some other critic says it's impossible to think of anyone better at what he does. This is true if you assume that what he does is write rubbish books.
Score: 4
Published: 1989
Read: April 12th 2008