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We Are All Made of Glue
Georgie, a glue expert has been left by her husband and befriends the strange Jewish lady who lives nearby in a decaying mansion with lots of cats. Estate agents are swarming round the valuable property, and Georgie tries to make sure her new friend isn't ripped off.
This all seemed a bit forced. Easy read though - was a Christmas present from Mum and Dad, and I read it in Cornwall mostly.
Score: 6
Published: 2009
Read: January 4th 2010

Two Caravans
A story of Eastern European, Chinese and African immigrants to UK, earning money initially by picking strawberries in Kent, but then following various incidents and accidents they end up making a bit of a road trip in search of work, each other, and happiness.
Pretty good, with some quite funny bits in too. Especially Dog, the dog. But the description of working in the chicken sheds is enough to put you off your chicken curry for a week or two.
Score: 7.5
Published: 2007
Read: September 2nd 2010