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She's Come Undone
Dolores has a difficult childhood, and gets very fat from spending all her time sitting in front of the TV eating. Her childhood is traumatic, and she goes into therapy, and comes out a changed woman, in size anyway.
Great! Read it all in one day just about, although I was ill, so didn't have much else to do. Quite moving, and gave a good sense of time passing as Dolores grew up with Nixon, Woodstock, the Beatles, and then AIDS at the end.
Score: 8.5
Published: tbc
Read: August 12th 2001

This Much is True
Dominick, one of two identical twins suffers a difficult childhood with an unsympathetic and sometomes vicious stepfather. Then his twin brother gets diagnosed as a paranoid scizophrenic and cuts his own hand off in a public library as an anti Gulf War gesture. Then his baby daughter dies aged three weeks. Then his wife divorces him 'cos he got a vasectomy without telling her. Then his new girlfriend gets pregnant by her bisexual, HIV positive lover. Nothing seems to go right, but he reads his grandfather's autobiographical papers, has some therapy and it all turns out ok eventually.
This was very enjoyable, if a little bit long (850 pages). Good characters, and in spite of the improbably long list of sad events above, the plot was all quite believable.
Score: 8
Published: tbc
Read: May 1st 2003

The Hour I First Believed
Columbine teacher is away burying his aunt when the student killers run wild in the school library, but his school-nurse wife has to hide and is lucky to escape. She gets PTSD, he struggles with his ancient family history. She gets addicted to tranquilisers and kills a boy with the car - and ends up in the prison his great-grandmother founded.
Long, rambling, and the ancient history bits were particularly dull and uninspiring. Good in parts.
Score: 5.5
Published: 2008
Read: April 24th 2009