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Into the Wild
The story of a chap who in 1992 went to Alaska to try and survive by more or less just living off the land, but only lasted a few months and then died.
The author seems to be trying to make this chap into some kind of Jack London kind of hero, in the face of popular opinion that he is just a stupid dork. I think he was just a stupid dork too.
Score: 6
Published: 1998
Read: December 11th 2002

Into Thin Air
True story of Everest expedition(s) going horribly wrong. Robert Hall (Kiwi), guides a group (which includes Jon) to the summit, but they take too long and get caught by a storm.
Great stuff. Really well written and full of the usual ice-fall trauma, oxygen bottles in the wrong place etc, and a really sad bit when Hall is sitting on the mountain too weak to get down but talks to his wife and friends on the phone. Gave to BN in Canada.
Score: 8.5
Published: 1997
Read: April 7th 2005

Eiger Dreams
True stories of climbing from across the world.
Pretty good, cool characters abound.
Score: 7
Published: 1990
Read: August 13th 2007