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Carrie is a misfit - teased and persecuted at school, and with a totally wacko religious-nut mother for good measure. However she does have telekentic powers. She gets invited to the prom by the school hunk (as a result of hunk's actual girlfriend feeling guilty about a particularly nasty bit of Carrie-baiting). But the school bully/bitch (who has been banned from the prom as a result of the same bullying) arranges a bloody surprise for Carrie and her partner. This annoys Carrie quite a lot and she unleashes all her telekenetic powers, resulting in death and destruction for pretty much the whole town.
Stephen King's first successful novel I think. A bit simplistic, but good story. Not the slightest bit scary, or even atmospheric though, which is surely the point of a Stephen King?
Score: 6.5
Published: 1974
Read: November 5th 2010

Jake, recently divorced, and an altruistic and dedicated teacher of english literature has a friend called Al who runs a diner, which sells unusually cheap burgers, which, nevertheless, taste pretty good. It turns out that Al's diner has what he refers to as a rabbit-hole in it, one of the time-warp ones; this one taking you back to the same date in the late 1950's every time. Al goes back in time regularly to buy minced beef at 1950's prices hence the cheap, but excellent quality burgers. However, Al has bigger dreams - he thinks it should be possible to go back in time and prevent Lee Harvey Oswald from killing JFK on 22-11-63. However Al has cancer and is dying so he hands the mission over to his teacher friend Jake and between them they hatch plans to carry out a test mission, and then move on to their primary goal. But are they affecting their own future in ways they cannot begin to understand? Will a future with JFK turn out better than one without him? What if Jake should meet an attractive and intelligent woman from the 1950's and fall in love with her? And what about the butterfly effect?
Excellent, a great easy entertaining read with loads of time-paradoxes, historical accuracy (probably), and at its heart, a love-story.
Score: 8.5
Published: 2011
Read: July 16th 2020