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When we Were Orphans
Christopher Banks grew up in Shanghai during the early 1900's. His parents both disappeared when he was young and he was sent to England to grow up where he became a famous detective. He then returned to Shanghai to look for his missing parents who are, he is convinced, still alive.
Not very good. The story kept jumping around without explaining anything in a discomforting kind of way. Eg all of a sudden he is running off with Sarah, when he has not shown the slightest interest in her to date. Characters all very wooden too I thought. Not a patch on Remains of the Day.
Score: 5
Published: tbc
Read: April 4th 2002

The Remains of the Day
Mr Stevens, butler, goes on a tour of the West country, reminiscing as he goes of the good old days before the war, when his then master was a peaceful politician who tried to negotiate with the Germans for peace. He also has to keep his butler-dignity while coping with his elderly father and his feelings for housekeeper Miss Kenton.
Excellent. Not as good as the first time I read it though. Bit ponderous maybe?
Score: 7
Published: 1989
Read: December 20th 2003

Never let me go
Children growing up in strange futurisitic institution.
Not bad
Score: 7
Published: 2005
Read: March 25th 2006