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About a Boy
Will, a well-off 36 year old who has never had to work meets Marcus a weird geeky 12 year old with a suicidal mother. Will pretends to be a single parent so that he can meet cute single mums. Will becomes a sort of a surrogate father to Marcus, and everyone learns stuff about life.
Yeah, good! Some good stuff on the meaning of life, and once or twice it made me laugh.
Score: 8
Published: tbc
Read: January 6th 2002

How to be Good
A happy family, living at a good postcode in London, she a doctor, he a writer, with two bright young children, seem to be coping well with life. But then she gets involved with someone else, he meets a faith healer, and life becomes very strange, especially when the faith healer moves in, and the pair of them start to try and solve the problems of the world.
Quite good and made me laugh out loud twice. Almost gets you thinking deep and meaningful, like how do we make our lives rich and beautiful instead of dull, grey, and stressful? C**** lent me this. Re-read this 24/6/03, on the train on the way back from Geoff and Catherine's house after my interview with NATS in Swanwick.
Score: 7.5
Published: tbc
Read: October 16th 2002

A Long Way Down
Four people bump into each other on top of a building that they have all ascended in order to jump off, but they decide to persuade each other not too and then form a club to try and keep themselves from suicide over the next 90 days.
Felt like a very contrived plot, and the characters all a bit obvious really, and none of them likeable. Bought this at the airport on the way home from weekend at Charlottes/Helenas.
Score: 7
Published: 2005
Read: April 29th 2008