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The biography of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic athlete who might have come close to breaking the four-minute mile if it hadn't been for WW2 intervening. Instead he became the bombardier for a B17 in the Pacific, but was shot down, spent a long time drifting in a life raft and then years in Japanese PoW camps being abused and persecuted.
Fascinating story brilliantly told. The man had astonishing strength and resilience. Would very much like to read her other famous book - Seabiscuit.
Score: 8.5
Published: 2010
Read: February 24th 2014

Seabiscuit: An American Legend
The true story of a famous racehorse in 1930's United States.
Excellent book. Although it started off a tad slow, it very soon became totally gripping and painted a beautifully evocative picture of horse-racing in 1930's USA - the lives of the jockeys in particular, and the descriptions of the races were superb.
Score: 8.5
Published: 2001
Read: May 4th 2014