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The Weirdstone of Brisingamen
Susan and Colin go to stay with their mother's old nurse and her husband on their farm in Cheshire. There they hear the old legend of the sleeping knights, hidden in a secret cave, protected by the magic of the Weirdstone. One day they stumble on the cave and hear how the stone has been lost, and Cadellin the guardian of the cave is searching for it. Unknowingly Susan has been wearing the stone all along, but she loses it, and she, Colin and a couple of friendly dwarves have to retrieve it and then keep it safe from the evil morthbrood.
Terrific stuff- exciting story, and lots of horrible nasty things that are, as usual, no match for elves, dwarves and wizards etc.
Score: 7.5
Published: 1960
Read: January 27th 2003

The Moon of Gomrath
Sequel to The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, Colin and Susan get mixed up in more adventures with Cadellin and other magical folk.
Not so good - seemed very contrived, no real story, and some unmemorable characters.
Score: 5
Published: 1963
Read: March 15th 2003

Red Shift
Time jumping story of love and relationships and war.
Bit odd, bit difficult to follow, not very gripping. The one with Lewis Carroll's code in, and my copy had a bit of website printout tucked in the back with sn explanation of how to decode the secret message. Which was kind of interesting.
Score: 5
Published: 1973
Read: March 17th 2003