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Moonwalking With Einstein
Joshua, a journalist, covers the US Memory Championships for a magazine and becomes interested in memory techniques and the strange collection of geeky characters who perform on the 'memory circuit'. He embarks on a training programme to improve his own memory, and decides to enter next year's Championship.
Good book. Lots of fascinating insights into how the brain works, and how little we know about it. Makes me want to go and learn something off by heart. A poem perhaps, or the order of a pack of shuffled cards, or maybe the population density of every country in the world... It did contain a couple of jarring errors, which seemed odd for a journalist (shouldn't he be good at checking his facts?) Kent is referred to as a town, and the Red Admiral described as a bird. Surely county and butterfly respectively? Read this during travel to Geoff and Catherine's house for a weekend.
Score: 8.5
Published: 2011
Read: February 19th 2012