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Two in the Bush
Gerry and wife go to Australia, New Zealand and somewhere else. Doing conservation stuff
Really dull, just a travelogue
Score: 3
Published: tbc
Read: April 3rd 2001

My Family and Other Animals
Young Gerry and his family go to Corfu and he grows up surrounded by loads of interesting wildlife. His family do loads of whacky things and meet lots of entertaining people.
Score: 9
Published: tbc
Read: April 9th 2001

Marrying off Mother
Short (trueish) stories, supposedly funny.
Not very funny, not very interesting. The only faintly good one was the one about the nun who left the Order and the Orphanage in order to follow her calling from God to make money for good causes by gambling at a casino.
Score: 6.5
Published: tbc
Read: December 12th 2001