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Girlfriend In A Coma
Karen, falls into a coma at age 17, after drinking a couple of vodkas and taking a couple of Valium. Earlier that day she has fallen pregnant to her boyfriend Richard. For the next 17 years her friends continue their lives with varying degrees of success, but then one day, following a remarkable series of coincidences, Karen wakes up. One year later, the world as they know it ends as everybody but them falls asleep and dies. But, they get a second chance to start a brave new world.
I thought this was quite good. His characters all seem very real, and he blended the mysterious ghostly happenings with real life quite well. It never quite gave the answers it was looking for though, I don't think - and it left me feeling slightly dissatisfied.
Score: 7.5
Published: 1998
Read: November 9th 2002