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Net Force Night Moves
Set in the future, some terrorists blow up a train. Other violent incidents suggest that somebody has a computer more powerful than anything ever seen before and is using it for their own nefarious purposes. The good guys have to get on to the Internet and work in virtual reality to find the villain.
Well, this really wasn't very good at all. I only read it about one week ago and I couldn't remember a thing about it. The synopsis mostly came from the back cover.
Score: 5
Published: tbc
Read: October 29th 2002

Power Plays - Politika
When Boris Yeltsin dies Russia is plunged into chaos and relies on American aid for survival. But then terrorists strike in Times Square, New York, on the eve of the millennium, killing hundreds of people. Suspicions point at Russia, but only this bloke can find the real culprits.
Awful really, but I just about managed to finish it. Apparently it is based on a computer game, which explains a lot.
Score: 4
Published: tbc
Read: November 4th 2002