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Die Trying
Jack Reacher (inside leg 95cm) is kidnapped along with the lovely Holly (FBI agent and president's god daughter) when she picks up her dry cleaning one day. Jack, ex-military police, is fortunately very good at hitting people, picking locks, escaping and shooting accurately over great distances. Holly would probably be able to look after herself anyway if she hadn't damaged her cruciate ligament playing soccer the other day. Anyway, their captors turn out to be weird white supremacist types trying to build their own nation in Montana, but not surprisingly, they are no match for Jack and Holly.
Bit of a page-turner, but very silly. I liked having Jack's CV inside the front cover - always useful to be able to check the hero's inside leg measurement at any time.
Score: 6.5
Published: 1998
Read: May 15th 2009

Nothing to Lose
Reacher wanders into a couple of weird small towns called Hope and Despair. Despair is dominated by a big metal recycling plant led by religious nutter who wants to build a dirty bomb. Hope has an attractive woman cop. Fist fights and car chases ensue.
Cerebral, thought-provoking and emotionally draining. This book is none of these things. Usual page-turning nonsense.
Score: 4.5
Published: 2008
Read: June 2nd 2009

61 Hours
Jack Reacher is on a bus that crashes in (very) snowy conditions in North Dakota. He assists in getting the passengers to safety in the nearest small town and then decides to stick around and help the local cops with their current witness protection problem. Their main problem is that the town officials have historically brokered a deal with the local prison such that whenever the emergency siren at the prison sounds (eg for a riot or a break-out) all cops have to attend the prison, immediately, no exceptions. Even the four that are assigned to witness protection. These four are of course the only thing standing between the witness (a brave old lady with apple cheeks and good taste in literature) and a horrible death. So when the siren goes off - old lady apple cheeks would be in deep trouble - if it wasn't for Jack of course. Unless he happens to be out in the freezing cold just at the wrong moment...
Great page turner thriller. Really odd plot device with prison/cops relationship!
Score: 8
Published: 2010
Read: July 8th 2020

Night School
The CIA learn that an American in Hamburg is offering to sell something for $100,000,000 to a known terrorist group. Jack Reacher (who is currently in the Military Police again - I suppose if I read them in the right order I would understand his career path a bit better), and some colleagues from the CIA and FBI work together (hence Night School) to track the baddies, find out what is for sale and save the world from doom. Defeating the Hamburg neo-Nazi gang on the way too, of course.
Hmmmmm. Enjoyable nonsense really. Plenty more where that came from too, I wonder who has written more - Grisham or Child?
Score: 7
Published: 2016
Read: July 29th 2020

Blue Moon
Two criminal gangs, Albanian and Ukrainian, have divided up a city and mostly operate under an uneasy truce. But then Jack Reacher turns up defending an old man who owes thousands to a money-lender, and things start to spiral out of control as he seeks justice and fairness for all in his own inimitable way.
Great page-turner. Read this in one day while off sick with Laila and her cold.
Score: 7.5
Published: 2019
Read: September 4th 2020

The Midnight Line
Jack Reacher randomly finds a West Point class ring in a pawn shop and becomes concerned that the original owner may need help. You've got to be desperate to pawn your West Point ring, right? So off he goes, tracking his quarry, encountering nasty criminals on the way, to eventually discover the ring's owner is indeed in need of help, having become addicted to high quality stolen/smuggled prescription opioids. Also, she has a beautiful twin sister, which is nice. And some cowboy friends to protect her.
Score: 7.5
Published: 2017
Read: September 22nd 2020