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Red Notice
The story of a US businessman (although based in the UK a lot) who has a passion for doing business in Eastern Europe. His ambitions lead him to set up the biggest investment fund in Russia at the time when Communism was being replaced with capitalism and many state assets were being sold off at ridiculously cheap prices. But as his fund becomes ever more valuable he attracts the attention of competing Russian oligarchs and he and his organisation become victims of political corruption and the target of police persecution and violence. Forced to leave Russia, Bill is distraught when one of his Russian colleagues who chooses to stay behind is arrested, tortured and dies in custody. Bill then embarks on a crusade to get the rest of the world to take concrete political action against the corrupt Russian officials and succeeds in getting new laws passed in the US to ban entry to the US of the evil-doers.
Fascinating and tragic true story told in gripping style. Astonishing to learn just how corrupt Russian officials (including, or even especially, Putin, who ends up a personal enemy of Bill's) really are, and how the power of money trumps everything else in Russia.
Score: 8
Published: 2015
Read: March 24th 2016