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Wuthering Heights
Catherine, Heathcliffe, Linton, and some other people, over maybe two or three generations, living on a bare windswept moor have terrible problems getting on with each other, yet seem to fall in and out of love with one another with monotonous regularity, to the annoyance (nearly always) of at least one set of parents, or parent rather, as everyone seems to die a premature death too.
I thought this was rubbish - just couldn't concentrate on it at all! Controversial I know, but to be honest it was basically really dull. The characters were almost all sad and pathetic, and incapable of even trying to improve their situation. Very naive I thought. Date finished in this case is simply date given up, about three-quarters of the way through.
Score: 3
Published: 1847
Read: December 1st 2002