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The Pale Blue Eye
It's 1890-something (possibly) and Landor, an ex-cop is called to solve the gruesome case of the West Point cadet who is found hanged and with his heart removed. Could it be the work of some weirdy devil-worshipping gang? Or perhaps someone who thinks that consuming hearts can cure epilepsy? Anyway, Landor gets some help from Edgar Allen Poe (also a cadet) who will talk about poetry at the drop of a hat, but is also a good amateur sleuth.
Struggled a bit with this one - annoying style I thought, with his references to 'Reader' and the occassional random sentence out of nowhere. Good twist at the end though which converted it from 6 to 6.5! Recommended by La.
Score: 6.5
Published: 2006
Read: August 31st 2007