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Mansfield Park
Fanny Price is sent to live with her rich(er) aunt's family at Mansfield Park. The family she meets are all airheads except for the second son (Edward?) and the father. Has a good bit when they try and stage a play.
Great!Re-read in September 2006, partly while away in Barcelona for long weekend.
Score: 7.5
Published: tbc
Read: February 13th 2001

Sense and Sensibility
Elinor, Willoughby, Colonel Brandon etc.
Jolly good!
Score: 7.5
Published: 1811
Read: August 10th 2004

Northanger Abbey
Catherine Morland is a plain girl, and a bit simple, but she gets taken to Bath and meets a nice bloke there (Tilney). She manages to get in with him and his sister in spite of the efforts of her selfish friend Isabelle, and then they only have to overcome the problem of General Tilney thinking he has been deceived as to how well-off the Morlands were (which he was, to be fair - by Isabelle's awful brother John). Also lots of chat about the merits or otherwise of novels, as novel-reading (the horribler the better) is Catherine's major past-time.
Jolly good, but a bit straightforward perhaps compared with some of the others.
Score: 7
Published: 1818
Read: September 19th 2006

Emma takes Harriet under her wing, but does her no favours in persuading to fall for Mr Elton, who actually fancies Emma, who, it turns out eventually, fancies Mr Knightley! Has a good bit where they go to Box Hill and Emma is rude to Miss Bates. Also features Frank Churchill who goes to London merely to get his haircut, the coxcomb, and the lovely Jane Fairfax and her mysterious piano.
Very good, Emma is wonderfully vain but repentant in the end! And she is very lucky that Harriet gets her Mr Martin in the end too.
Score: 8
Published: 1816
Read: October 1st 2006

Pride and Prejudice
Darcy and Bingley come to Netherfield and meet the neighbouring Bennet family, and Jane and Bingley quickly fall in love, while Darcy impresses no-one with his proud manner and dismissive airs. Darcy then contrives to influence his friend against the lovely Jane, infuriating Elizabeth, and it's not until Lydia elopes with the awful Wickham and Darcy steps in to save the day that Elizabeth begins to realise she loves him... In the meantime Mr Collins attempts to woo Elizabeth, and provides much entertainment for Mr. Bennet.
Great stuff.
Score: 8
Published: 1813
Read: August 1st 2009

Anne Elliot is the sensible daughter of Sir Walter Elliot of Kellynch Hall who was persuaded by her family and her good friend Lady Russell to break off an engagement with Captain Wentworth in her youth. However, some years later Wentworth reappears in her life as he is a relative of the new tenants of Kellynch, who arrive when Sir Elliot is persuaded he needs to go and live a less expensive lifestyle in Bath. Meanwhile the two Musgrove girls appear to be both making a move on Wentworth, even though Henrietta is as good as engaged to a local curate. And while it seems that Wentworth retains his old feelings for Anne, following the terrible accident when Louisa Musgrove falls and bangs her head on the cobb at Lyme, and Anne finds she has to take charge and look after everyone, there is still the obstacle of the young cousin Elliot, set to inherit Kellynch, who also suddenly appears very interested in Anne!
This is terrific! Really good story, and heaps of characters with little subplots all of their own - the vanity of Sir Elliot, the gold digging Mrs Clay, poor sad Benwick, the Musgrove sisters, Anne's whiny sister Mary, and her vain sister Elizabeth, the nasty cousin Elliot, revealed in all his nastiness by the stoic school friend Mrs Smith.
Score: 8
Published: 1818
Read: September 17th 2011