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Title Author Date Finished Score No. of Comments
A Long Long Way **Barry, Sebastian16 Sep 1282
First BloodMorrell, David30 Mar 2082
Wuthering HeightsBronte, Emily01 Dec 0232
Ottilie Coulter and the Narroway HuntWilliams, Rhiannon19 Aug 207.52
The No 1 Ladies' Detective AgencyMcCall Smith, Alexander18 Apr 0472
Number 10Townsend, Sue28 Dec 076.51
The FountainheadRand, Ayn25 Apr 1171
Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsRowling, J.K.31 Jul 077.51
In the Heart of the SeaPhilbrick, Nathaniel17 Nov 077.51
The CardturnerSachar, Louis07 Jan 118.51
Normal PeopleRooney, Sally17 May 197.51
ExactlyWinchester, Simon28 Apr 198.51
The Diary of a BooksellerBythell, Shaun20 Apr 197.51
The Great GatsbyFitzgerald, F. Scott11 Apr 0171
Consider PhlebasBanks, Iain M26 Jan 1981
The Robe of SkullsFrench, Vivian10 Dec 1881
Ottilie Colter and the Withering WorldWilliams, Rhiannon25 Aug 2081
The Ogre DownstairsWynne Jones, Diana25 Aug 0781
It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to LifeArmstrong, Lance03 May 0481
HannibalHarris, Thomas26 Nov 0171
The Making of the Atomic BombRhodes, Richard16 Feb 1381
Eiger DreamsKrakauer, Jon13 Aug 0770
Off the Rails in Phnom PenhGilboa, Amit11 Aug 026.50
The Longest AfternoonSimms, Brendan20 Jun 156.50
Three Men on the BummelJerome, Jerome K.02 Jan 0870
Lightning On The SunBingham, Robert08 Nov 027.50
Face ItMartin, Denis20 Aug 167.50
Blood RiverButcher, Tim14 Jun 087.50
Tooth and NailRankin, Ian04 Feb 037.50
A NaturalRaisin, Ross23 Jul 177.50
Kon-TikiHeyerdahl, Thor30 Mar 097.50
Teaching Swimming and Water SafetyAustswim, 15 Jul 0370
SmileDoyle, Roddy17 Mar 187.50
Fathom FiveWestall, Robert08 Oct 097.50
Touching the VoidSimpson, Joe14 Mar 0480
One Good TurnAtkinson, Kate17 Sep 1980
Six SuspectsSwarup, Vikas08 Aug 107.50
The Last JurorGrisham, John06 Mar 057.50
The Hanging GardenRankin, Ian07 Jun 0170
Clock DanceTyler, Anne10 Aug 2070
OutliersGladwell, Malcolm30 Jul 117.50
AirframeCrichton, Michael02 Dec 057.50
Keep the Aspidistra FlyingOrwell, George09 Nov 0170
Everest the Hard WayBonington, Chris14 Jan 2180
Pigeon English **Kelman, Stephen05 Nov 1280
Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino YearsTownsend, Sue25 Sep 066.50
The Mayor of CasterbridgeHardy, Thomas26 Feb 0280
In Search of Moby DickSeverin, Tim13 Jun 145.50
The CanonAngier, Natalie12 Aug 0770
Fearless JonesMosley, Walter09 Aug 0230
So Help Me DogBennett, Joe10 Jun 157.50
Three Men in a BoatJerome, Jerome K.30 Dec 0770
The Street LawyerGrisham, John06 Nov 027.50
The LoneyHurley, Andrew20 Jul 1680
Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow MurdersMortimer, John08 Jun 087.50
Disgrace *Coetzee, J.M.02 Feb 0370
The Matter of the HeartMorris, Thomas15 Jul 1790
GatewayPohl, Frederick27 Mar 0970
The Ulysses VoyageSeverin, Tim12 Jul 037.50
The Lie of the LandCraig, Amanda10 Mar 1870
TrafalgarAdkins, Roy03 Oct 097.50
The Blank SlatePinker, Steven10 Mar 047.50
Slack-TideDymott, Elanor09 Sep 1970
ShakespeareBryson, Bill08 Aug 107.50
To the Baltic with BobRhys Jones, Griff25 Feb 0560
Hide and SeekRankin, Ian02 Jun 0170
Exit WestHamid, Mohsin09 Aug 207.50
The Prime MinisterTrollope, Anthony12 Jul 1170
PompeiiHarris, Robert27 Nov 057.50
The Fiddler of the ReelsHardy, Thomas06 Nov 0180
Where'd You Go, BernadetteSemple, Maria10 Jan 2180
We Need to Talk About KelvinChown, Marcus20 Oct 126.50
Adrian Mole: The Wilderness YearsTownsend, Sue21 Sep 0670
The Darwin AwardsNorthcutt, Wendy21 Feb 0260
The Thirteenth TaleSetterfield, Diane30 May 1490
Achtung Schweinhund!Pearson, Harry02 Aug 076.50
The Pelican BriefGrisham, John07 Aug 026.50
The Children ActMcEwan, Ian15 May 1580
The Last PrecinctCornwell, Patricia06 Nov 0270
Under the Same StarsLott, Tim23 Jun 166.50
DraculaStoker, Bram07 Jun 0880
Ressurection MenRankin, Ian01 Feb 037.50
Days Without EndBarry, Sebastian05 Jul 178.50
MatterBanks, Iain M13 Mar 0960
Break InFrancis, Dick08 Jul 0370
Conversations With FriendsRooney, Sally19 Feb 186.50
The Kite RunnerHosseini, Khaled01 Oct 098.50
The Travelling HornplayerTrapido, Barbara15 Feb 0470
One DayNicholls, David09 Aug 197.50
SticklebackMcCabe, John07 Aug 106.50
How to be a Bad BirdwatcherBarnes, Simon10 Feb 057.50
The Colour of MagicPratchett, Terry30 May 0160
Middle EnglandCoe, Jonathan08 Aug 207.50
Emergency SexCain, Postlewait & Thomson, 21 Nov 0570
The BeachGarland, Alex30 Oct 0170
We're All DamagedNorman, Matthew31 Dec 206.50
England, England **Barnes, Julian04 Oct 126.50
True Confessions of Adrian Albert MoleTownsend, Sue20 Sep 065.50
The Secret RoomWalters, Minette19 Feb 0270
The Sindbad VoyageSeverin, Tim24 May 1470
An Instance of the FingerpostPears, Iain05 Aug 0270
H is for HawkMacdonald, Helen10 May 1580
A Damsel in DistressWodehouse, P.G.15 Dec 0770
Power Plays - PolitikaClancy, Tom04 Nov 0240
It's All About the Bike: The Pursuit of Happiness On Two WheelsPenn, Robert17 Jun 1670
An Old CaptivityShute, Nevil04 Jun 087.50
HogfatherPratchett, Terry28 Jan 0350
Uncommon PeopleHepworth, David30 Jun 177.50
Clouds of WitnessSayers, Dorothy L07 Mar 0960
The EdgeFrancis, Dick06 Jul 0370
History of WolvesFridlund, Emily14 Feb 1870
FatherlandHarris, Robert26 Sep 0980
The TestamentGrisham, John30 Jan 0470
The Rosie ProjectSimsion, Graeme27 Jul 198.50
The White Tiger *Adiga, Aravind05 Aug 1080
Morality for Beautiful GirlsMcCall Smith, Alexander07 Feb 057.50
A Short History of a Small PlacePearson, TR27 May 0170
The Box of DelightsMasefield, John05 Aug 2080
SolarMcEwan, Ian10 Apr 1180
The Lovely BonesSebold, Alice20 Nov 0580
MonsoonSmith, Wilbur27 Oct 0170
Men at ArmsWaugh, Evelyn23 Dec 2080
Northanger AbbeyAusten, Jane19 Sep 0670
The Stars Shine DownSheldon, Sidney18 Feb 0240
The BalloonistHarris, MacDonald20 May 1490
Stuart LittleWhite, EB29 Jul 0770
To Serve Them All My DaysDelderfield, R.F.31 Jul 0270
Bedsit Disco QueenThorn, Tracey03 May 1570
Double VisionBarker, Pat11 Dec 0770
Net Force Night MovesClancy, Tom29 Oct 0250
The Right StuffWolfe, Tom20 May 1680
MortPratchett, Terry03 Jun 086.50
A Child Called ItPelzer, Dave27 Jan 0370
MayflowerPhilbrick, Nathaniel21 Jun 1770
The Pillars of the EarthFollett, Ken04 Mar 096.50
The DangerFrancis, Dick03 Jul 0370
The Storied Life of A.J. FikryZevin, Gabrielle08 Feb 1890
ComplicityBanks, Iain20 Sep 0980
Someone Like YouDahl, Roald20 Jan 047.50
Great ThinkersSchool of Life, The20 Jul 1980
Phineas ReduxTrollope, Anthony01 Aug 107.50
On the Night PlainLennon, J. Robert01 Feb 057.50
Z for ZachariaO'Brien, Robert, C25 May 0180
The Rooster BarGrisham, John31 Jul 206.50
The ConfessionGrisham, John31 Mar 1170
SwallowdaleRansome, Arthur12 Nov 057.50
Nathaniel's NutmegMilton, Giles25 Oct 0180
The Thursday Murder ClubOsman, Richard19 Dec 207.50
Ending Up **Amis, Kingsley12 Sep 126.50
Chapter and VerseBateman, Colin17 Sep 066.50
A Painted HouseGrisham, John16 Feb 0270
The Twenty One Balloonsdu Bois, William Pene15 May 1480
Salmon Fishing in The YemenTorday, Paul25 Jul 0770
Distant VoicesPilger, John15 Jul 0270
The IcebergCoutts, Marion28 Apr 157.50
Moon Tiger *Lively, Penelope08 Dec 0770
The Rector's WifeTrollope, Joanna27 Oct 0250
Major Pettigrew's Last StandSimonson, Helen10 May 167.50
The Wizard of the NileGreen, Matthew01 Jun 088.50
The Weirdstone of BrisingamenGarner, Alan27 Jan 037.50
Admissions: a life in brain surgeryMarsh, Henry15 Jun 177.50
Barchester TowersTrollope, Anthony26 Feb 097.50
So Long, and Thanks for all the FishAdams, Douglas30 Jun 0380
The Floating BrothelRees, Sian31 Jan 186.50
These TwainBennett, Arnold19 Sep 0980
Destination LaplandWallington, Mark10 Jan 047.50
Around the World in 80 TreesDrori, Jonathan27 Jun 1990
Last Night in Twisted RiverIrving, John15 Jul 106.50
ExcessionBanks, Iain M25 Jan 0570
Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NimhO'Brien, Robert C20 May 0170
Night SchoolChild, Lee29 Jul 2070
No Way DownBowley, Graham20 Mar 117.50
The Picts and the MartyrsRansome, Arthur12 Nov 0570
Cold LightHarvey, John23 Oct 0160
The Dutch HousePatchett, Ann15 Dec 2080
KrakatoaWinchester, Simon08 Sep 127.50
Jonathan Strange & Mr NorrellClarke, Susanna06 Sep 0680
Let's get PhysicalAshworth, Sherry14 Feb 0250
iBoyBrooks, Kevin14 May 147.50
The God DelusionDawkins, Richard20 Jul 077.50
The BusinessBanks, Iain12 Jul 0270
The Two Kinds of DecayManguso, Sarah20 Apr 1580
Watership DownAdams, Richard25 Nov 0760
The AutobiographyBarnes, John27 Oct 0260
A Little LifeYanagihara, Hanya04 May 1680
The Accidental **Smith, Ali31 May 087.50
SphereCrichton, Michael22 Jan 0360
The RacketeerGrisham, John08 Jun 177.50
Diamonds Are ForeverFleming, Ian16 Feb 096.50
Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixRowling, J.K.24 Jun 036.50
This is Going to HurtKay, Adam23 Jan 188.50
The Coffee TraderLiss, David17 Sep 097.50
Daughter of FortuneAllende, Isabel28 Dec 037.50
Mountains of the MindMcFarlane, Robert19 Jun 198.50
The RoadMcCarthy, Cormac15 Jun 107.50
A Question of BloodRankin, Ian15 Jan 0570
Under the Eye of the ClockNolan, Christopher15 May 0170
The OutrunLiptrot, Amy27 Jul 207.50
Queen CamillaTownsend, Sue10 Jan 1170
Notes from a Small IslandBryson, Bill10 Nov 0570
War and PeaceTolstoy, Leo17 Oct 0170
Islands of MercyTremaine, Rose10 Dec 207.50
The Old Wives' TaleBennett, Arnold04 Sep 1270
Flaubert's Parrot **Barnes, Julian03 Sep 0670
Staying at Daisy'sMansell, Jill13 Feb 0260
Catching FireCollins, Suzanne11 May 147.50
The Life & Times of the Thunderbolt KidBryson, Bill10 Jul 0780
Lucky YouHiaasen, Carl09 Jul 026.50
As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess BrideElwes, Carey13 Apr 1570
A Good Walk SpoiledFeinstein, John24 Nov 0770
Psycho-The AutobiographyPearce, Stuart24 Oct 0260
The Road to Little DribblingBryson, Bill15 Apr 165.50
The Rose of SebastopolMcMahon, Katherine28 May 087.50
The RainmakerGrisham, John21 Jan 0360
I Am PilgrimHayes, Terry28 May 178.50
Whose Body?Sayers, Dorothy L20 Jan 0960
Men at ArmsPratchett, Terry22 Jun 0360
Night SkyFrancis, Clare20 Jan 1880
Driving ForceFrancis, Dick13 Sep 097.50
Snow Falling on CedarsGuterson, David22 Dec 037.50
Master of Thin AirLock, Andrew08 Jun 1980
The Innocent ManGrisham, John03 Jun 1060
AvengerForsyth, Frederick03 Jan 0570
Human OriginsLeakey, Richard10 May 0170
My Name is Lucy BartonStrout, Elizabeth23 Jul 206.50
Room **Donoghue, Emma09 Jan 1190
The Lost ContinentBryson, Bill07 Nov 0570
The SeaVarious, Various05 Sep 016.50
The Boy in the Striped PyjamasBoyne, John08 Dec 208.50
Hornet FlightFollett, Ken26 Aug 126.50
Tom JonesFielding, Henry30 Aug 066.50
A Star Called HenryDoyle, Roddy13 Feb 0280
Dark SummitHeil, Nick08 May 1470
We Were the MulvaneysOates, Joyce Carol05 Jul 027.50
Do No HarmMarsh, Henry10 Mar 158.50
The Bush DyslexiconMiller, Mark Crispin22 Oct 0250
Even Dogs in the WildRankin, Ian10 Apr 1670
Notes from an ExhibitionGale, Patrick25 May 087.50
An Unsuitable Job for a WomanJames, P.D.19 Jan 0350
1917 - Machines of WarFalkner, Brian25 May 1770
The WardenTrollope, Anthony19 Jan 0970
TitanicJones, Terry17 Jun 037.50
Caesar's Last BreathKean, Sam17 Jan 188.50
Wild HorsesFrancis, Dick11 Sep 0970
The Remains of the Day *Ishiguro, Kazuo20 Dec 0370
VietnamHastings, Max02 Jun 1980
The Eustace DiamondsTrollope, Anthony30 May 107.50
Dead AirBanks, Iain20 Dec 047.50
The Just So StoriesKipling, Rudyard05 May 0160
The HoldoutMoore, Graham19 Jul 207.50
Birds Without Wingsde Berniere, Louis23 Oct 057.50
TimelineCrichton, Michael01 Sep 018.50
The Turn of the KeyWare, Ruth30 Nov 2070
Anna of the Five TownsBennett, Arnold24 Aug 1280
Driving Big DavieBateman, Colin24 Aug 066.50
Atonement **McEwan, Ian11 Feb 028.50
Charmed LifeWynne Jones, Diana06 May 147.50
Family Matters **Mistry, Rohinton07 Jul 077.50
The Other Side of the DalePhinn, Gervase24 Jun 0260
ChangelingOldfield, Mike25 Feb 156.50
Cold Comfort FarmGibbons, Stella15 Nov 076.50
The World's Greatest Cracks And CrackpotsNicholas, Margaret20 Oct 0240
Red NoticeBrowder, Bill24 Mar 1680
The Book ThiefZusak, Markus20 May 088.50
The Hitchhikers Guide to the GalaxyAdams, Douglas18 Jan 037.50
Flight PathHill, David23 May 1770
The Adventures of Sherlock HolmesConan Doyle, Sir Arthur18 Jan 096.50
This is Your LifeO'Farrell, John16 Jun 0370
The MiniaturistBurton, Jessie10 Jan 1870
Falling AngelsChevalier, Tracy10 Sep 097.50
No HighwayShute, Nevil07 Dec 037.50
Phineas FinnTrollope, Anthony15 May 1070
All Over CreationOzeki, Ruth L02 Oct 047.50
When we were MarriedKeillor, Garrison02 May 0150
11/22/63King, Stephen16 Jul 208.50
TransitionBanks, Iain03 Jan 117.50
Vernon God Little *Pierre, DBC03 Oct 0570
The Tin FluteRoy, Gabrielle31 Aug 0140
PastoralShute, Nevil24 Nov 2080
Surface DetailBanks, Iain M23 Aug 127.50
Shake Hands with the DevilDallaire, Lt.Gen Romeo15 Aug 067.50
If the Shoe FitsCarroll, Jane11 Feb 0240
Seabiscuit: An American LegendHillenbrand, Laura04 May 148.50
Climbing Mount ImprobableDawkins, Richard04 Jul 0780
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanRowling, J.K.23 Jun 027.50
Nice To See It, To See It, NiceViner, Brian12 Feb 1550
The Sea *Banville, John12 Nov 0750
The FallsRankin, Ian19 Oct 027.50
The ACB with Honora LeeDeGoldi, Kate16 Mar 168.50
In Search of KazakhstanRobbins, Christopher12 May 0880
Mortal CausesRankin, Ian17 Jan 0370
The Tidal ZoneMoss, Sarah20 May 1780
Right Ho, JeevesWodehouse, P.G.16 Jan 0970
Use of WeaponsBanks, Iain M14 Jun 0360
HHhHBinet, Laurent03 Jan 188.50
The Red QueenDrabble, Margaret08 Sep 096.50
LongitudeSobel, Dava20 Nov 0380
ErebusPalin, Michael09 May 197.50
The Eyes of DarknessKoontz, Dean07 May 1040
Life of Pi *Martel, Yann28 Sep 0490
The BrethrenGrisham, John30 Apr 0170
61 HoursChild, Lee08 Jul 2080
Big BangSingh, Simon30 Dec 1090
The Time Traveler's WifeNiffenegger, Audrey22 Sep 0580
One Hundred and One WaysYoshikawa, Mako30 Aug 017.50
Reasons to be CheerfulStibbe, Nina20 Nov 2070
No Country for Old MenMcCarthy, Cormac12 Aug 1280
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceRowling, J.K.03 Aug 067.50
True History of the Kelly Gang *Carey, Peter07 Feb 027.50
A MistakeShuker, Carl03 May 217.50
The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold FryJoyce, Rachel29 Apr 1480
Brilliant OrangeWinner, David30 Jun 0770
HungerChang, Lan Samantha23 Jun 0270
The WaveCasey, Susan30 Jan 1580
The Restraint of Beasts **Mills, Magnus10 Nov 0770
How to be GoodHornby, Nick16 Oct 027.50
EventideHaruf, Kent09 Mar 167.50
Gossamer OdysseyGrosser, Morton11 May 0880
Set in DarknessRankin, Ian15 Jan 0370
Mend the LivingDe Kerangal, Maylis14 May 176.50
Hilda LesswaysBennett, Arnold14 Jan 0970
A for AndromedaHoyle & Elliot, Fred & John12 Jun 0350
Ice Ghosts - The Epic Hunt for the Lost Franklin ExpeditionWatson, Paul27 Dec 1760
A Quiet Belief in AngelsEllory, R.J.05 Sep 095.50
The Best a Man Can GetO'Farrell, John10 Nov 036.50
American PsychoEaston Ellis, Bret04 May 1960
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' NestLarsson, Stieg23 Apr 1070
The Little FriendTartt, Donna21 Sep 046.50
Caught in the LightGoddard, Robert27 Apr 0170
The CommitmentsDoyle, Roddy17 Jun 2080
Precious BloodHayes, Jonathan16 Dec 106.50
Cloud Atlas **Mitchell, David17 Sep 057.50
The God of Small Things *Roy, Arundhati20 Aug 0180
Sagittarius RisingLewis, Cecil18 Nov 207.50
La's Orchestra Saves the WorldMcCall Smith, Alexander09 Aug 1280
On Beauty **Smith, Zadie28 Jul 0670
WhitBanks, Iain02 Feb 027.50
Ballet ShoesStreatfield, Noel25 Apr 2180
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and ClayChabon, Michael21 Apr 148.50
The Beckoning SilenceSimpson, Joe15 Jun 0770
The Track of the CatBarr, Nevada20 Jun 0250
What You Want is in the LimoWalker, Andrew20 Jan 156.50
Wolf Brother (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness #1)Paver, Michelle07 Nov 076.50
Artemis FowlColfer, Eoin15 Oct 0270
The Last StandPhilbrick, Nathaniel29 Feb 1680
A Long Way DownHornby, Nick29 Apr 0870
A Time to KillGrisham, John14 Jan 0370
Howl's Moving CastleWynne Jones, Diana07 May 177.50
The Diary of a NobodyGrosssmith, George & Weedon06 Jan 096.50
A Big Boy did it and Ran AwayBrookmyre, Christopher05 Jun 037.50
You Will Know MeAbbott, Megan20 Dec 1780
EnigmaHarris, Robert31 Aug 0960
Come to GriefFrancis, Dick03 Nov 0370
The Cider House RulesIrving, John11 Apr 108.50
The Secret HistoryTartt, Donna15 Sep 047.50
Slay RideFrancis, Dick24 Apr 0170
The Ghost of Thomas KempeLively, Penelope16 Jun 208.50
The Brendan VoyageSeverin, Tim05 Dec 1080
The AlgebraistBanks, Iain M12 Sep 057.50
Lightning BugHarington, Donald19 Aug 0180
The WhistlerGrisham, John12 Nov 2070
The Sense of an Ending *Barnes, Julian23 Jul 128.50
The Cold MoonDeaver, Jeffery09 Jun 0670
A Study in ScarletConan Doyle, Arthur29 Jan 027.50
Where the Crawdads SingOwens, Delia21 Apr 2180
Water for ElephantsGruen, Sara05 Apr 1490
Going SoloDahl, Roald10 Jun 077.50
The Radiant WayDrabble, Margaret17 Jun 0270
Tell You What: Great NZ NonfictionVarious, Various15 Jan 1580
The British Museum is Falling DownLodge, David06 Nov 076.50
Fortune's RocksShreve, Anita10 Oct 0270
PlainsongHaruf, Kent20 Feb 168.50
ElevenLlewellyn, David27 Apr 086.50
A Brief History of TimeHawking, Stephen13 Jan 0360
ProgressNorberg, Johan03 May 1780
The Irresistible Inheritance Of WilberforceTorday, Paul04 Jan 0970
Let it BleedRankin, Ian15 May 0360
My Absolute DarlingTallent, Gabriel10 Dec 1780
A Room With a ViewForster, E. M. 15 Aug 097.50
The WoodlandersHardy, Thomas26 Oct 037.50
Anything ConsideredMayle, Peter04 Apr 105.50
The Da Vinci CodeBrown, Dan01 Sep 0470
ShatteredFrancis, Dick18 Apr 0140
How to be a FamilyKois, Dan15 Jun 2080
The Map that Changed the WorldWinchester, Simon30 Nov 1070
The Horse with my NameBateman, Colin31 Aug 056.50
What's it all about?Caine, Michael19 Aug 016.50
Three HoursLupton, Rosamund11 Nov 208.50
The Art of FieldingHardbach, Chad22 Jun 128.50
Neither Here nor ThereBryson, Bill03 May 067.50
A Time to JumpFolley, Malcolm28 Jan 0270
The Good ShepherdForester, CS14 Apr 216.50
Ape HouseGruen, Sara27 Mar 1450
Close RangeProulx, Annie06 Jun 0770
When Heaven and Earth Changed PlacesHayslip, Le Ly10 Jun 0270
One Summer: America 1927Bryson, Bill03 Dec 148.50
Arthur & George **Barnes, Julian04 Nov 0780
Alias Grace **Atwood, Margaret07 Oct 0280
Sea of GloryPhilbrick, Nathaniel16 Feb 1680
The CleftLessing, Doris26 Apr 085.50
Dead FamousElton, Ben08 Jan 0380
The Girl of Ink and StarsMillwood Hargrave, Kiran15 Mar 177.50
The Almost MoonSebold, Alice30 Dec 085.50
BackpackBarr, Emily14 May 0340
AscentBonington, Chris03 Dec 177.50
Pride and PrejudiceAusten, Jane01 Aug 0980
Music and SilenceTremain, Rose20 Oct 0380
Rogue LawyerGrisham, John05 Mar 197.50
The Wimbledon PoisonerWilliams, Nigel02 Apr 107.50
Where the Pavement EndsWarmbrunn, Erika25 Aug 0470
The Memory BoxForster, Margaret14 Apr 0170
For Whom the Bell TollsHemingway, Ernest26 May 208.50
Spitfire AceDavidson & Taylor, Martin & James 27 Nov 106.50
The SummonsGrisham, John17 Aug 056.50
Final FlightCoonts, Stephen17 Aug 0170
Passage to JuneauRaban, Jonathan10 Nov 2080
Rain MenBerkmann, Marcus20 May 126.50
The Golfer's Mind - Play to Play GreatRotella, Bob18 Apr 0670
Look to WindwardBanks, Iain M27 Jan 0280
The Bookshop **Fitzgerald, Penelope07 Apr 217.50
The Fry ChroniclesFry, Stephen24 Mar 146.50
Blood HuntRankin, Ian30 May 077.50
When the Wind BlowsPatterson, James27 May 0260
We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves **Fowler, Karen Joy20 Nov 147.50
Brideshead RevisitedWaugh, Evelyn01 Nov 077.50
The Body in the LibraryChristie, Agatha05 Oct 0270
The Invention of AirJohnson, Steven05 Feb 166.50
Life on the MississippiTwain, Mark20 Apr 0860
Can You Forgive her?Trollope, Anthony07 Jan 038.50
His Bloody ProjectMacrae Burnet, Graeme22 Feb 1780
Heart of DarknessConrad, Joseph23 Nov 086.50
The Year 1000Lacey & Danziger, Robert & Danny12 May 036.50
Smoke gets in Your EyesDoughty, Caitlin15 Nov 177.50
England, Their EnglandMacDonnell, A.G.27 Jul 0980
Sky High IrvinHearn, Peter07 Oct 037.50
Leonardo da VinciIsaacson, Walter15 Feb 198.50
A Painted HouseGrisham, John28 Mar 1070
A Town Like AliceShute, Nevil15 Aug 047.50
The Hunting PartyFoley, Lucy10 May 208.50
Love Over ScotlandMcCall Smith, Alexander21 Nov 107.50
The House of the SpiritsAllende, Isabel13 Aug 055.50
Midnight in the Garden of Good and EvilBerendt, John14 Aug 0180
Stuff MattersMiodownik, Mark24 Oct 207.50
The White SpiderHarrer, Heinrich02 May 126.50
In the Company of Cheerful LadiesMcCall Smith, Alexander15 Apr 0670
Botham's CenturyBotham, Ian24 Jan 027.50
Doctors in DenialJones, Ronald02 Apr 2180
The Hunger GamesCollins, Suzanne10 Mar 147.50
The Memory Keeper's DaughterEdwards, Kim20 May 076.50
The LitigatorsGrisham, John03 Nov 147.50
Narabedla LtdPohl, Frederik27 Oct 076.50
The SoloistSalzman, Mark04 Oct 0280
A God in RuinsAtkinson, Kate12 Jan 168.50
ImperiumHarris, Robert16 Apr 0840
Flying Under BridgesToksvig, Sandi21 Dec 0270
Golden HillSpufford, Francis12 Feb 1780
The Behaviour of MothsAdams, Poppy26 Oct 0870
To the HiltFrancis, Dick06 May 037.50
The PowerAlderman, Naomi30 Oct 178.50
The AppealGrisham, John26 Jun 0950
PreyCrichton, Michael30 Sep 0360
The Girl who Played with FireLarsson, Stieg23 Mar 1070
Sense and SensibilityAusten, Jane10 Aug 047.50
My Family and Other AnimalsDurrell, Gerald09 Apr 0190
SubmarineDunthorne, Joe28 Apr 2080
It's Our Turn to EatWrong, Michela20 Nov 107.50
ArcadiaCrace, Jim28 Jul 057.50
She's Come UndoneLamb, Wally12 Aug 018.50
Towards the End of the MorningFrayn, Michael17 Oct 206.50
PureMiller, Andrew15 Apr 127.50
A Fine Balance **Mistry, Rohinton10 Apr 068.50
White Cap and BailsBird, Dickie23 Jan 0240
Sorrow and BlissMason, Meg31 Mar 2170
Speaker for the DeadCard, Orson Scott02 Mar 1470
Love in the Time of CholeraGarcia Marquez, Gabriel13 May 076.50
Sons and LoversLawrence, D.H.24 May 0270
Bertie's Guide to Life and MothersMcCall Smith, Alexander20 Oct 147.50
Small StepsSachar, Louis24 Oct 077.50
In Cold BloodCapote, Truman03 Oct 0260
Being MortalGawande, Atul30 Dec 158.50
DowntownMcBain, Ed12 Apr 0840
A Song of StoneBanks, Iain18 Dec 026.50
Kolymsky HeightsDavidson, Lionel30 Jan 1790
The People's Act of LoveMeek, James10 Oct 086.50
Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireRowling, J.K.05 May 0380
Ghosts of the TsunamiParry, Richard Lloyd20 Oct 1780
CheeseElsschot, Willem18 Jun 0960
The Lighthouse StevensonsBathurst, Bella23 Sep 0370
A Forger's TaleGreenhalgh, Shaun20 Jan 1960
An American WifeSittenfeld, Curtis20 Mar 106.50
Every Second CountsArmstrong, Lance29 Jul 0470
Two in the BushDurrell, Gerald03 Apr 0130
CarrieKing, Stephen05 Nov 106.50
Walking on GlassBanks, Iain20 Jul 0570
Eustace and HildaHartley, L P11 Aug 017.50
The ReckoningGrisham, John11 Oct 207.50
Lady AnnaTrollope, Anthony24 Feb 127.50
Leonardo DaVinci - the Flights of the MindNicholl, Charles06 Apr 0670
Snow CrashStephenson, Neal14 Jan 027.50
ContactsWatson, Mark30 Mar 216.50
UnbrokenHillenbrand, Laura24 Feb 148.50
A Spot of BotherHaddon, Mark25 Apr 078.50
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Espresso TalesMcCall Smith, Alexander01 Apr 087.50
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Under OrdersFrancis, Dick23 Jan 1760
An Ocean of Air: A Natural History of the AtmosphereWalker, Gabrielle02 Oct 0870
The Complete Sherlock Holmes (Volume 2)Conan Doyle, Arthur04 May 0370
American WarEl Akkad, Omar12 Oct 177.50
LibertyKeillor, Garrison17 Jun 0960
Flying with CondorsLeden, Judy15 Sep 0370
St. Agnes' StandEidson, Thomas06 Jan 198.50
The Girl with a Dragon TattooLarsson, Stieg15 Mar 1060
Star of the SeaO'Connor, Joseph22 Jul 0470
The Family by the SeaDesai, Anita30 Mar 0180
The Three Trillion Dollar WarStiglitz & Bilmes, Joseph & Linda07 Mar 207.50
The SlapTsiolkas, Christos02 Nov 1060
Restoration **Tremain, Rose15 Jun 057.50
A Child in TimeMcEwan, Ian02 Aug 017.50
Rogue MaleHousehold, Geoffrey07 Oct 2070
GenusTrigell, Jonathan20 Feb 126.50
Going PostalPratchett, Terry03 Apr 067.50
Leaving HomeKeillor, Garrison11 Jan 027.50
SkelligAlmond, David28 Mar 2180
The Way We Live NowTrollope, Anthony18 Feb 1480
The Fourth HandIrving, John23 Apr 0780
Mary BartonGaskell, Elizabeth10 May 027.50
Doomsday BookWillis, Connie10 Sep 147.50
Shooting SeanBateman, Colin18 Oct 076.50
The AlterationAmis, Kingsley29 Sep 027.50
Killing DragonsFleming, Fergus15 Nov 158.50
44 Scotland StreetMcCall Smith, Alexander30 Mar 087.50
Angle of ReposeStegner, Wallace16 Dec 0290
The Gustav SonataTremain, Rose19 Jan 1780
Black Swan GreenMitchell, David01 Oct 087.50
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The DestroyersBollen, Christopher05 Oct 173.50
The World According to GarpIrving, John11 Jun 0970
ClayhangerBennett, Arnold05 Sep 037.50
A Kestrel for a KnaveHines, Barry20 Feb 107.50
The ColourTremain, Rose09 Jul 0470
Captain Corelli's Mandolinde Berniere, Louis27 Mar 019.50
EducatedWestover, Tara27 Feb 208.50
What the Dog SawGladwell, Malcolm29 Oct 107.50
No one thinks of GreenlandGriesemer, John10 Jun 057.50
Small World **Lodge, David31 Jul 018.50
The Language of KindnessWatson, Christie24 Sep 207.50
Moonwalking With EinsteinFoer, Joshua19 Feb 128.50
The 2 1/2 Pillars of WisdomMcCall Smith, Alexander29 Mar 0670
Hornet's NestCornwell, Patricia09 Jan 0270
Chastise - The Dambusters Story 1943Hastings, Max25 Mar 217.50
Trustee from the Tool RoomShute, Nevil14 Feb 148.50
Making HistoryFry, Stephen17 Apr 076.50
The Great WorldMalouf, David30 Apr 0250
The Red HouseHaddon, Mark22 Aug 1480
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Blue GenesMcDermid, Val28 Sep 026.50
Go Set a WatchmanLee, Harper25 Oct 1550
Norwegian WoodMurakami, Haruki29 Mar 0870
Into the WildKrakauer, Jon11 Dec 0260
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The Road HomeTremain, Rose28 Sep 087.50
This Much is TrueLamb, Wally01 May 0380
How to Stop TimeHaig, Matt29 Sep 177.50
The Riddle of the SandsChilders, Erskine06 Jun 097.50
Headlong **Frayn, Michael25 Aug 0380
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That Old Ace in the HoleProulx, Annie07 Jul 0480
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Tickling the EnglishO' Briain, Dara16 Oct 1070
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Jamrach's Menagerie **Birch, Carol08 Feb 1280
Carpe JugulumPratchett, Terry25 Mar 066.50
About a BoyHornby, Nick06 Jan 0280
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FighterDeighton, Len10 Feb 1480
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Things Can Only Get BetterO'Farrell, John15 Apr 037.50
Shutter IslandLehane, Dennis24 Sep 1770
Nothing to LoseChild, Lee02 Jun 094.50
The Way I Found HerTremain, Rose23 Aug 037.50
BuiltAgrawal, Roma25 Oct 187.50
The AssociateGrisham, John21 Jan 1050
A Short History of Nearly EverythingBryson, Bill02 Jul 047.50
Finest HourClayton & Craig, Tim & Phil22 Mar 0170
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Never let me go **Ishiguro, Kazuo25 Mar 0670
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The SearcherFrench, Tana19 Mar 217.50
Half Blood Blues **Edugyan, Esi17 Jan 147.50
The Shipping NewsProulx, Annie05 Apr 077.50
UlvertonThorpe, Adam20 Apr 0270
The Ragged AstronautsShaw, Bob12 Aug 1480
HolesSachar, Louis03 Oct 0780
UbikDick, Philip K.18 Sep 0270
All the Light we Cannot SeeDoerr, Anthony15 Oct 156.50
ThudPratchett, Terry17 Mar 0850
JackdawsFollett, Ken07 Dec 027.50
View from the SummitHillary, Edmund15 Dec 1680
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We Need to Talk about KevinShriver, Lionel12 Sep 178.50
Bel CantoPatchett, Ann24 May 0980
Second WindFrancis, Dick18 Aug 0360
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DuneHerbert, Frank13 Feb 2070
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SaturdayMcEwan, Ian17 Mar 067.50
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BetterGawande, Atul22 Sep 157.50
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Following On: A Memoir of Teenage Obsession and Terrible CricketJohn, Emma04 Dec 1680
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10lb PenaltyFrancis, Dick14 Aug 0370
Sapiens - A Brief History of HumankindHarari, Yuval Noah20 Aug 187.50
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Harvest - The Hidden Histories of Seven Natural ObjectsPosnett, Edward23 Jan 2070
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Case HistoriesAtkinson, Kate18 Mar 077.50
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TripleFollett, Ken06 Dec 027.50
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What We Talk About When We Talk About LoveCarver, Raymond03 Mar 0170
BomberDeighton, Len10 Jan 208.50
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The LifeboatRogan, Charlotte30 Sep 137.50
The Interpretation of MurderRubenfeld, Jed10 Mar 076.50
Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsRowling, J.K.26 Mar 0270
Tragedy at Pike River MineMacfie, Rebecca25 Jul 147.50
Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman!Feynman, Richard P.06 Sep 076.50
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Goodbye to All ThatGraves, Robert03 Sep 157.50
Do Not Pass Go Moore, Tim22 Feb 0870
PowderSampson, Kevin02 Dec 026.50
Crossing to SafetyStegner, Wallace18 Nov 166.50
NextCrichton, Michael15 Jul 0860
Undue InfluenceBrookner, Anita05 Mar 0320
No DominionWelsh, Louise10 Aug 1770
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Lucky JimAmis, Kingsley05 Aug 0380
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineHoneyman, Gail20 Jul 1880
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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-TimeHaddon, Mark23 May 048.50
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Nothing to EnvyDemick, Barbara21 Sep 107.50
Cold BurialPowell Williams, Clive09 Apr 057.50
AnimalsTroughton, T05 Jul 0170
There's a Boy in the Girl's BathroomSachar, Louis05 Sep 208.50
Thief of TimePratchett, Terry25 Nov 116.50
The BrokerGrisham, John20 Feb 0650
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Officers and GentlemenWaugh, Evelyn03 Mar 2170
Joe SpeedboatWeiringa, Tommy15 Sep 1380
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Gone GirlFlynn, Gillian20 Jul 148.50
Orbitsville JudgementShaw, Bob04 Sep 0770
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The MartianWeir, Andy31 Aug 158.50
Mister Pip **Jones, Lloyd05 Feb 087.50
The Double HelixWatson, James07 Nov 1680
Red MarsRobinson, Kim Stanley10 Jul 086.50
Empire StateBateman, Colin12 Feb 038.50
SkyfaringVanhoenacker, Mark07 Aug 1760
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ScoopWaugh, Evelyn01 Aug 037.50
Fall of GiantsFollett, Ken02 Jul 187.50
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Room at the TopBraine, John26 Feb 0170
The Body: A Guide for OccupantsBryson, Bill22 Dec 1970
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Into Thin AirKrakauer, Jon07 Apr 058.50
A Spanish LoverTrollope, Joanna02 Jul 0170
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All Hell Let Loose: The World at War 1939-1945Hastings, Max20 Nov 1170
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Far From the Madding CrowdHardy, Thomas20 Dec 0180
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LongshotFrancis, Dick22 Mar 0270
Merivel: A Man of his TimeTremain, Rose08 Jul 147.50
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A People's History of the United StatesZinn, Howard29 Aug 0290
Blind Descent: The Quest to Discover the Deepest Place on EarthTabor, James28 Aug 1580
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A Walk in the WoodsBryson, Bill28 Nov 027.50
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On the BeachShute, Nevil08 Jul 086.50
Deadly DecisionsReichs, Kathy10 Feb 0340
A Boy Made From BlocksStuart, Keith03 Aug 177.50
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Can't rememberBloc, Lawrence23 Feb 0150
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The Grapes of WrathSteinbeck, John02 Nov 118.50
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Marrying off MotherDurrell, Gerald12 Dec 016.50
The Guest ListFoley, Lucy18 Feb 2180
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MockingjayCollins, Suzanne03 Jul 1470
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A Brief History of the Age of SteamCrump, Thomas06 Jul 0850
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SpitfireGlancey, Jonathan30 Jul 1760
The Hour I First BelievedLamb, Wally24 Apr 095.50
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A Week in DecemberFaulks, Sebastian23 Oct 0970
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Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the DeadTokarczuk, Olga27 Nov 1970
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An Equal MusicSeth, Vikram04 Apr 0570
The Ragged Trousered PhilanthropistsTressel, Robert27 Jun 0180
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Starter For 10Nicholls, David31 Dec 067.50
Snow in AugustHamill, Pete20 Mar 028.50
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Bring me the Head of Sergio GarciaCox, Tom10 Jan 086.50
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The OfferingMcCleen, Grace03 Oct 1660
The King of TortsGrisham, John29 Jun 0870
The Lost BoyPelzer, Dave08 Feb 0360
Death is a Welcome GuestWelsh, Louise28 Jul 177.50
Framley ParsonageTrollope, Anthony21 Apr 0980
The Surgeon of CrowthorneWinchester, Simon25 Jul 0380
To be a MachineO Connell, Mark25 Apr 187.50
Congo JourneyO'Hanlon, Redmond19 Oct 0920
SpiesFrayn, Michael25 Apr 0470
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Doing JusticeBharara, Preet14 Nov 1980
Two CaravansLewycka, Marina02 Sep 107.50
Jude the ObscureHardy, Thomas25 Mar 0570
In SiberiaThuberon, Colin22 Jun 0150
The Sisters Brothers **deWitt, Patrick10 Sep 118.50
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Single & Singlele Carre, John28 Nov 0150
Dead FamousJenner, Greg13 Feb 2180
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Everything is IlluminatedSafran Foer, Jonathan05 Dec 0670
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ThunderballFleming, Ian20 Aug 0770
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On Chesil Beach **McEwan, Ian04 Jan 086.50
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Missing, PresumedSteiner, Susie26 Jul 177.50
Dr. ThorneTrollope, Anthony01 Apr 097.50
Paragliding, The Complete GuideWhittall, Noel23 Jul 0370
OpenAgassi, Andre29 Mar 1880
Blast From the PastElton, Ben14 Oct 0950
Mansfield ParkAusten, Jane13 Feb 017.50
The Unmapped MindDonlan, Christian18 Oct 1980
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The Name of the RoseEco, Umberto11 Mar 0570
The Road to MinackTangye, Derek17 Jun 0140
ElmetMozley, Fiona17 Aug 2080
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Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass DestructionTownsend, Sue09 Dec 057.50
Witness XMoorhead, S.E.09 Feb 216.50
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EmmaAusten, Jane01 Oct 0680
Dear ExileMontgomery & Liftin, Kate and Hilary13 Mar 027.50
A Sense of the WorldRoberts, Jason15 Aug 0780
EucalyptusBail, Murray15 Aug 0270
Adventures in Human BeingFrancis, Gavin04 Jul 1580
The Cloudspotter's GuidePretor-Pinney, Gavin03 Jan 087.50
Girlfriend In A ComaCoupland, Douglas09 Nov 027.50
Gutenberg's ApprenticeChristie, Alix10 Sep 1670
Girl with a Pearl EarringChevalier, Tracy22 Jun 0880
Knots and CrossesRankin, Ian05 Feb 037.50
A Lovely Way to BurnWelsh, Louise24 Jul 1780
Tidings From the Isle of FlightOrsenna, Erik31 Mar 0970
Captain Hornblower RNForester, CS20 Jul 0370
Five Rivers Met on a Wooded PlainNorris, Barney26 Mar 1880
A Thousand Splendid SunsHosseini, Khaled12 Oct 0980
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ZedKavenna, Joanna25 Sep 1960
At HomeBryson, Bill21 Aug 107.50
23 Days in JulyWilcockson, John08 Mar 057.50
The Jason VoyageSeverin, Tim12 Jun 019.50
747 Story of the Boeing SuperjetIngells, Douglas16 Aug 2060
South: the story of Shackleton's 1914-1917 expeditionShackleton, Sir Ernest Henry25 Aug 117.50
The ClientGrisham, John07 Dec 0570
The AlchemistCoehlo, Paul15 Nov 0180
That Will be England GoneHenderson, Michael05 Feb 217.50
Behind the Scenes at the MuseumAtkinson, Kate28 Sep 067.50
Raven WalkingShaw Gardner, Craig10 Mar 0260
In Harm's WayStanton, Doug17 Jun 1470